What is RE:ACT

The purpose of the association is the ideal and material promotion of the art and culture scene in Düsseldorf and the surrounding area. To create a supportive community for artists, promote their work, engage with the public and contribute to the cultural fabric of society. Through collaboration, exhibitions, performances, artist development and community engagement we want to nurture artistic expression and foster a thriving creative ecosystem.

Our Past

RE:ACT’s roots lie in Giorgo’s time in Greece, where a passion for theatre and the arts blossomed. Inspired, he formed a university drama group — an evolving therapeutic outlet. In 2019, RE:ACT emerged in Düsseldorf, driven by the vision of a non-profit embracing all art genres, creating a multicultural space.

Our Team

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The House of RE:ACT

The purpose of “The House of RE:ACT” is to spread the word and to get all artists connected through our radio show. We want to introduce you to real talents – both those we have already found, and those we are yet to discover.

You can listen to all our episodes on Mixcloud or by visiting our page on StreamD!